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Taizhou Xinlun Moulding Co., Ltd. mainly produces and sells heat exchangers refrigeration equipment and a variety of auxiliary machine series. The main products are injection molding machine, blow molding machine, bottle blowing machine, air -cooled chiller, water -cooled chiller, vacuum plating chiller, electroplating water chiller, laser chiller, injection molding chiller, casting air-cooler, blown film dedicated air-cooler, crushing dedicated air-cooler, mobile industrial air-cooler series, oil cooler, cold storage series, constant temperature machine, pulverizer, suction feeder, crusher, mold temperature controller series .


uty (6)

How to adjust the high pressure of the condenser

In the operation of small chillers, changes in temperature will cause changes in condensing pressure. Especially in summer, high condensing pressure will cause the continuous increase of compressor power consumption and the gradual...

Industrial air cooler

The primary advantage of an industrial ai...
1. Plastic mixing machine consists of hop...